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A Kotatsu is a fairly low table with a seat, a mat and a blanket. The table is coated with a Futon, which is a kind of blanket. Underneath the table lies a heating source, which is also wrapped in the Futon.

People have several choices about the way the heat source can be utilized; it may be integrated or attached to the base, or it may be kept separated from the base. During traditional eras, heating with charcoal was the main source of heat.

But nowadays, heating has become more accessible and the heat source is commonly an electrical source.

In terms of Kotatsu, a very important consideration is the chairs. It is comprehensible that a lot of people are confused about the type of chair to use for Kotatsu, especially since it is very low.

Such confusion is more prevalent amongst non-native Japanese. Also a lot of people believe that in order to enjoy the ease of Kotatsu, you need to sit on the floor or on a mat. For Kotatsu, floor chairs are widely used in Japan.

Many different types of chairs are available, with various sizes, fabrics, materials, colors, etc. In addition, some people may favor the longer Kotatsu sofas rather than the smaller chairs.

The chairs here are ideal for use with the Japanese seating style. Some can also be collapsible which allows easy storage and transportation and fit any room.